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We currently hold regular meet ups across our area which provide an opportunity to meet with a couple of representatives from our committee, learn more about the group, and meet other people with ME/CFS in the local area.

We have meet-ups in Huddersfield and Halifax monthly, and North Kirklees quarterly. (Please click on the links to be directed to our next available dates and times)

Occasionally, we hold online meet-ups for people who are unable to attend meetings in person. Our online meetings are held over Zoom. Details of these are emailed to members in advance.

In the past we have held and arranged numerous other events and activities such as Yoga courses, mindfulness sessions, ME Awareness Day stalls, and more.
We are exploring opportunities for these type of events in the future, if you have any suggestions or are able to help then please email us at

Picture from a previous years ME Awareness Day stall at Kingsgate shopping centre, Huddersfield