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KCIMESG is run entirely by volunteers who give up their time to operate the group.
As the majority of us have ME/CFS then we need to spread our work load to keep it as light as possible and stay healthy and operational.
We are always open to new people joining us to help out and have various roles within the group. Some of our currently available roles are listed below.
Workloads are small and flexible and you only need to contribute as much or as little as you feel you can at any given time.
To make enquiries about volunteering please contact us.

Activities and Events Team member

We require enthusiastic, friendly and sociable volunteers to join our Activities and Events Team. The main responsibility is hosting our coffee meetings. We aim to hold coffee meetings regularly across Kirklees and Calderdale.

Our coffee meetings provide a chance for people who have ME/CFS to meet others with the same condition. They are also a chance to connect with and find out more about KCIMESG. When you host a coffee meeting for KCIMESG, you are representing the group.

You may host coffee meetings in one or more locations. Coffee meetings take place during the day, at cafes or community venues. Time commitment would generally be between 2 to 6 hours per month dependent on how many meetings you attend.

The Activities and Events Officer may ask you for basic information about the coffee meetings you host, such as how many attended, who attended and what was discussed. You may also be asked to collect membership forms and fees.

If we provide additional activities and events, members of the Activities and Events Team may be expected to assist with organising, hosting and administration.

Publicity Team member

We require enthusiastic and friendly volunteers to join our Publicity Team.

We want to increase awareness of ME/CFS, and of our group.

The Publicity Team will help us to raise awareness of ME/CFS. This aspect of the role will involve talking to professionals and members of the public about ME/CFS, how the condition affects people, and how they can be better supported.

The Publicity Team will represent KCIMESG at events which provide opportunities to publicise the group. This aspect of the role could involve manning a stall to which people come to find out about ME/CFS and the group. It may also include networking with other attendees of the event.

You do not need personal experience of ME/CFS. You will be given training in order to carry out the role. This role is a flexible one dependent on events which may need to be attended.

The Publicity Officer may ask you for basic information about the events you attend, such as how many people you spoke to, and how people responded to the information you provided. You may also be asked to collect membership forms and fees.